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History of A Moment With The Masters

The Moment With the Masters has an interesting history in that it was born out of adversity on a March Friday morning in 2000 when the United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation® headquarters received a phone call from the Diamond Horseshoe Resort in New York informing us that the facility was closing and would not be hosting the TAC Weekend Seminar scheduled there in May which was only two months away. De ja vu.

In 1998 we had received a similar phone call from the Phoenicia Pathwork Center informing us they were bankrupt and unable to host our upcoming event at their facility.

In both instances I just took a deep breath and told myself that from every adversity some corresponding good will inevitably occur… it must… for that is the way of nature, it is the way of “Um” and “Yang.”

Since that fateful Friday phone call years ago, the Moment With The Master has become one of the Federation's most popular member events and has sold out more than once.

As it turns out, the corresponding good that arose out of an adversity is a unique training opportunity unlike any other available to Federation members.

The Federation  continues to host A Moment With The Masters in conjunction with the 1st weekend of the Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa in order that fellow members have an opportunity to share a few moments with the wave of new Ko Dan Ja rank applicants and current Ko Dan Ja leaders and visiting Ko Dan Ja Alumni who are also  participating in the week long Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa experience.


Each year the Annual Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa becomes touchable by individual members who are not yet Ko Dan Ja or Ko Dan Ja candidates. What an opportunity!

For a brief, fleeting moment every Federation member has the opportunity to share a moment with the masters and experience “Oneness” with the most senior practitioners and Ko Dan Ja in the entire U.S. Federation as well as international Ko Dan Ja.

This event is a brief, fleeting moment when every Federation member is given the opportunity to share a moment with some of the most senior practitioners and Ko Dan Ja in the world.

Think about it! In a single trip, with one set of travel expenses and only one weekend away from home, you have the unique opportunity to experience so much.

The Moo Duk Kwan® philosophy of  “Action, Action Action!” philosophy encourages leaders to take action and “lead the way” at every opportunity. The best leaders learn how to recognize opportunities and the Moment With The Masters is a wonderful one that literally calls for action… it calls for attendance. It is calling you. During the course of this special weekend the current and future leaders of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan will forge powerful relationships and form indelible memories of the foundation they are creating for the future of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan worldwide.

Will your best students be there? Will the leaders of your dojang attend? Will you be there? It will be a weekend experience unlike any other and on the Monday after this event, the only proof of its occurrence may very well be the memorable experiences, relationships and photos that you have taken home with you… or not

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